Saturday, 6 February 2010

Life in times of the dog & cats...

Diesel showing off his new collar...
The look of pure innocence... not what the cats would say though!

Licorice (Black & White) has taken to only coming home every 2-3 days for a refuel of food and then he's off again, now this has only happened since young Diesel has become part of the family, which is very sad. Licorice comes home in beautiful condition, is still very friendly, purrs like crazy, and will still give you cuddles, even staying the night occasionally, though more often than not now its just home for the refuel which is very sad as he's such a dear lovely boy - I only hope that he has befriended another house or keeps good shelter in the bush.

Now Sandra (my friend the vet), here is proof that Bella does wait while the cats are eating!!

And who do you think might be sitting at the base of the block wall to create this reaction from Miss Bella !!Right... had better get my skates on am heading up to Stonestead to help get the quilts ready to hang tomorrow morning :)
Will post photo's of the Quilt Festival hopefully late tomorrow night - hope you are having a happy weekend and see you at Stonestead :)


Yvonne said...

Hi, What a great job you & the girls did tonight, it as amazing, we couldn't have done any of this without help from you all.
But to all the bloggers who check out this blog, you want to see the entries this girl has done, Autumn Leaves is my favourite, certainly a clever 'chucky!' And in between that did a terrific job collating all the entries for the Quilt Festival & then did typed all the catalogue, Thanks Julz, Love you, Yvonne

Deb said...

Julz, did you have a great time at the Festival?
Bella looked like she was waiting for trouble in that photo.
hugs Deb & Frank.

Leanne said...

Diesel is just toooo cute. Have fun at the festival.