Wednesday, 17 March 2010

slow internet & dear jane...

...AARGH my internet connection is driving me crazy with its slowness - we are on broadband, high spec, router has been re-set number of times, our dear friends at Telecom say that all should be fine... though it runs slower than a carrier pigeon would take to fly my news to you !! I am so going to investigate other providers who can also look after the sky and phone connections too ...

Anyway enough of my grumbliness... I didn't tell you before though had a weekend away at CherryPie Retreat with my Thrs stitching ladies the weekend just gone - gosh it was nice - unfortunately not very productive for me - as I'd left patterns at home that I needed, patterns that I had taken were missing vital cutting instructions ... however I did gossip alot, went on two great bike rides in the morning on the new bike (Jade is not a good name as when I got her she's actually grey - so she is no name at the moment) though gosh she's lovely to ride and fast! Ate lots of Cheryl's delicious food, caught up with my Aunty and also a dear friend on the way home on Sunday so all very good.

I did however manage to get back into the mojo of Dear Jane... I made block A10, then blocks A11-13 were the ones missing vital cutting instructions, so jumped the queue and made Blocks B1 - B3.

A10 - Which Points West:B1 - Batchelors Buttons (eek when photo blown up show's my applique turns for circles need more practice!):B2 - Sweet Tate Pie:B3 - Mirror Image:
I've also made email contact via Cheryl from CherryPie, with a lovely lady by the name of Vicki who lives in Waikanae (so next time I'm heading that way will definitely make time to catchup over coffee). Vicki is making TWO Dear Janes at the same time - crazy or what! Sorry Vicki still find it baffling... when I'm struggling with one. Vicki has told me about an online DJ community that she is part of - which has been a great encourager for her. I reckon this will be a good thing to become involved with and I'll also let Doreen know (the lady from CQ) that is also working on a DJ.

Hope you all have had a great weekend - hard to believe we are at Wednesday already... yay not long until the weekend again and plan on getting more quilting done :)


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Ali Honey said...

Something is going on with Telecom that they are not letting on about. Our speed was so bad ( like back to dial up ) all weekend and Monday, so I rang and got nowhere really....but suddenly yesterday it was back to normal ( normal being okay for blogging, photos, sending big email, etc )

It would be useful if they would admit when there is some sort of problem. Paying broad band rates and not getting that speed is dis honest.

Sorry to rant....happy quilting.