Sunday, 8 August 2010

Girls Weekend...

... Had a lovely weekend away stitching with the girls, another well looked after weekend at Stanford Retreat, where Cheryl's hospitality is second to none.

The downside was that I suffered a migrane all weekend, along with 'ladies cramps and aches' so I achieved next to nothing, I spent Saturday lounging with hottie and hand stitching and finally got to make two blocks for the Dear Jane quilt last night and today! The double downside was I didn't visit my Aunty or visit any crafty shops or spend any money... was my cheapest weekend away ever!

Hope your weekends faired better... will take photo's of blocks tomorrow night and post - some of the pieces are tiny!



Clair said...

No, mine wasn't much better as I drove 500km's with a husband with food poisoning and a daughter with an ear infection. Not recommended!
Hope you feel better soon.

Deb said...

You poor thing Julz. At least you would be warm and in comfort and Cheryl and Bruce would be looking after you. What a shame though, still it would be nice just to have a break away from home. Hope you are feeling better now sweet.

Yvonne & Kevin said...

Oh, Julie, what a shame & you were looking forward to your weekend so much, I was thinking of you too,
Be kind to your self