Sunday, 10 October 2010

Tour of Waikanae...75kms

Woke to blue sky, cold chill, heavy dew and GUSTY winds - eek!

Left home at 7am to head to Waikanae and to pick up registration pack - the day not much better in Waikanae - thankfully NO RAIN :)

Met up with some of the people from GearShifters, time for loo stop and then join the start line - have a photo on my mobile phone I'm trying to download or email to self - not succeeding so far.
The event was great, well run, lots of marshalls to point you in the right direct as it was a street circuit would have been very easy to head off the wrong way without them. The wind gusts were a challenge at times... however am very pleased with myself - came in on my speedo at 2hours 58mins - will need to wait till later in the week (this is the hardest part as you are dying to find out how well you did and where you got in your age group).

Pleased with the body too, the bottom wasn't as sore, felt really good at the end and just starting to stiffen up a bit now - so will have to get stretching!

As I'm typing this I checked the website, and wow the preliminary results are up already!!

So it looks like official time is 2 hours 59 mins 39 sec's - am still mighty pleased with making it under 3 hours :)



Shiree said...

well done Julie, you are really taking thsi cycling seriously huh!! I haven't had my bum on my bike for about a year now, how sad is that!!

Jenny said...

Wow, aren't you the clever one, what an achievement. We were in Waikanae on Sunday and I'm sure we met up with most of the bikers on the road! Perhaps you were one of those who we passed.

Yvonne & Kevin said...

You Go Girl!!


Kerri said...

Fantastic Julie. Keep up the good work. I use to love riding and maybe I should get the bike out again