Saturday, 10 November 2012

Two weeks to go...

It's that time of year where hardly any stitching is happening, though I am still knitting the girls cardy, every Thursday night at stitching, finally up to the 2nd sleeve, then its only the button bands to go - phew - just in time for Summer... as I will make them wear it at least once :D

Only two weeks to go before Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (160km), this is my 3rd year!  And weather on my side and no mechanical or body issues, have trained with the intention on completing in under 6 hours this year.

Not long over the finish line Taupo 2011 :D

So as you can imagine, weekends are about cycling; the week is about work, strength training, spin class and with daylight saving a mid-week ride.  Thankfully Chris and the girls are my biggest supporters, and even though they think I might be slightly mad, are right behind me and supporting my addiction.

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