Saturday, 17 May 2008

Saturday, Saturday... turns into a busy day

Yeah a lovely sunny day, without a sniff of rain on the horizon, so it was a perfect day for the concrete to be poured for another wee wall (see earlier posts for the construction...). Dad Tony and Sis Leigh came over the hill. Dad T was chief supervisor and troweler; Sis Leigh and I were chief's catchup-on-gossip, cuppa tea makers and pluck a few weeds from the garden :) Beck's was digger driver-in-training (check out her driving shoes!), Chris was chief digger driver and labourer and young Kait wasn't to be found (the call of music on the computer was her driver)... you can double click on the photo's to enlarge...

Spot the plane in the last photo!! I just loved the look of the flax flowers that are now well past their prime - the blue of the sky, and the golden-ness of the dried flowers and the crisp green of their shiny leaves - gorgeous.

Now Chris has to be VERY patient before he can remove the boxing timber. The plan then is to smooth out the dirt in the middle - and lay lots of big flat stones (and a few rocks from the quarry) then plant some grasses - nothing too major as there are all the storm water pipes, gas and power cables under this garden.

Oh I haven't told you about my best buy off Trademe (an online auction in NZ) - I'll post photo's later - however she is a gorgeous 1933 Singer sewing machine (knee action) - she is tomorrow's job to shine her up and polish her wood before a few photo's are taken and posted. The Singer is just like the one I learnt to sew on as a child, I've got my eye on an EBay auction that has the additional feet and a few other bits that would compliment her perfectly...

Hope you've had a great Saturday.

Love J xoxo


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your wee wall looks very extensive. Glad the troops all pitched in to help. It should look great when it is finished.

Your "new" sewing machine sounds fabulous - can't wait to see the pictures! It is my dream to own one of those one day.

Kait is an amazing poet - very moving poem.

Ruth said...

Wow... sure looks like you had a busy day!

Can't wait to see the Singer!!