Sunday, 4 May 2008

A great chilly weekend ....

Definitely feel winter in the air... the headcold is back for the second time ... the days over the weekend have been lovely and cold - always gets me motivated to sit at the machine and sew and sew... finished stitching the last block for Leanne's House 'Ruth Quilt' on Saturday afternoon at my girlfriend's house.

Came home and Beck's and I laid out all the blocks I had pre-cut waiting for the stitchings to be finished, then I started sewing the rows, everyone went off to bed and I kept sewing, when had 12 rows joined together, called it a night at midnight... this morning finished sewing the rows and one quilt top completed -yeah. We have named it "Beck's Flowers" as Beck's even helped with a few stitches in some of the blocks.

Whilst at my girlfriend's house on Saturday afternoon, after drinking lots of her yummy coffeee, stitching and gossiping up a storm, we braved the cold and went outside to the barn to meet their three new additions to the McMoo fold. Two of the new furry babies (11 weeks old) have been named after my girls - so cute :)

Meet: Bella Kate McMoo (she will go a lovely black like around her nose as she gets older)

Meet: Crumpet Becks McMoo (little red calf); Flossie Soxs (4weeks old - she is a big girl) is the other little black calf.

Kait and Becks are back to school tomorrow, they are looking forward to seeing their friends, though are not looking forward to having to get up early - am trying to convince them now would be a great time to head off to bed and settle down for the night (9.10pm)...

Well its too cold to be sitting at the computer, so will sign off here, go grab a cup of coffee then sit on the couch under a quilt and finish stitching the binding on Jnr Witch's gift...

Have a happy week and keep warm
Love J xoxo


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Becks Flowers Quilt looks so pretty with all those soft colours, floral prints, and lovely little stitcheries. You must be super pleased with the finished result. It is always a great feeling when the quilt top has been sewn together.

Anonymous said...

That quilt is absolutely beautiful. I love the colours you have used and the details.

I can feel some quilting coming on now the weather here is getting cooler.