Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year - 2009 !

Wow we are into Day Two of the New Year already... and I'm home alone - Kait is still over at Riversdale with her girlfriend and family (I go pick her up tomorrow - yippee - I miss her). Beck's overnighted at her girlfriends, Hubby has gone for a ride on his 'mistress' (his Triumph Bonneville motorbike) - and I'm home with the radio going, doing a bit of stitching and catching up on my blog .... ah bliss.

Yesterday was our 13th Wedding Anniversary - having been together a total of 18 years - wow where does that time go... Hubby and I wandered down to the recently revamped McCafe in Silverstream for brunch - a nice lazy start to the day. We are not very good at celebrating our wedding anniversary - after googling I've found out it is "LACE" - I don't think hubby would be that thrilled with lace anything as a gift LOL.

We had a wonderful Christmas day with family - they came to ours for a very leisurely BBQ and lazy afternoon - was so lovely to see them. It was rather freaky having nephews and nieces that now have boyfriends/girlfriends that joined us for the afternoon - crickey it really doesn't seem that long ago those same nephews and nieces were just little ones... ooh I felt old for a minute or two LOL. Another great part of Christmas was catching up with my Aunty Witch's son - who I haven't seen for oh maybe 10 years, I was so pleased that he came to join us, and I am sure he had as much fun catching up with the rest of the family.
Love to all


OzRose said...

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary :))

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Happy Anniversary! How wonderful that you get to celebrate the new year and your anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Was the best Christmas ever and son won't leave it another 10 years as already looking forward to next Christmas !!! By the way, Hope you had a Happy Anniversary - gosh those years certainly zipped by. Can remember that day as if it were yesterday.CERTAINLY can't imagine Chris having anything to do with "Lace".....Aunty Witch