Sunday, 29 March 2009

A little bit of stitching...

Has been quite awhile, though have got back into working on Butterfly Garden BOM, the above is work in progress of Block 4, so loving using varigated threads to create interest within the stitching, don't look to closely at the heart as it needs a press... I worked on this block this afternoon over a leisurely coffee and catchup with my girlfriend Karen (no blog) - was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Now this way too gorgeous butterfly fabric is from a new range that Yvonne has at Sawmillers Quiltery - I just had to get a Fat 1/4 to add to my butterfly stash :)

Pop across to Yvonne's blog to check out the most divine Japanese fabric's that have come into the Quiltery.

Below is the BOM sampler I made to take to yesterday's Capital Quilter's club day - this is for the April meeting - I've called it "Double T in Japanese" it is based on a pattern from Quilter's Cache - this is a fantastic website to find all sorts of blocks/designs...

Ooh - how could I forget to tell you... I went for a bike ride with DH this morning - we clocked up 34.9km's today - and it wasn't just on flat roads, am so proud of myself as I faced and conquered three big hills - I may have been a few km's behind DH, though I did it, just love the free riding on the down hills - the horrid part is looking up and seeing that you've got to climb another hill - eek...
The duathlon is now 6 sleeps away - so looking forward to it :) I know that is perhaps a little weird to say - though when I think of the leaps and bounds in my fitness from Xmas - and the amount of km's I've clocked up already on my new Grace - its really quite liberating - I have to say here a HUGE THANKS to Leigh my dear Sister-in-law who was the crazy lass who suggested the duathlon to begin with; for her daily emails of motivation and txts of encouragement - she is the true champion in so many ways - love you xox.
Well Bella is curled up right next to the keyboard, she is such a dear sweetie, took her to the vet yesterday morning for her booster jab, one good thing was that she didn't start freaking out in the car and panting like the last time we went to the vet... she was such a good girl and very relaxed with the vet, once she was back in the cage we walked over the the chemist's so I could do some photocopying (well I couldn't leave her in the car) - people must have thought me the right eccentric cat lady - though Bella was quite happy she curled up at the bottom of her cage and waited patiently with the odd meow to remind me to hurry up !
Have a fantastic week.


Deb said...

Great quilts Julz. Clever you, you are adding onto the distance you ride all of the time. How good of Bella to be nice and settled for you when you had a vets and pharmacy visit. The "Frankinator" is mad as a hatter and wanting to be outside much more now but also likes to know we are home whenever he want snuggles also.....pain in the butt.

Yvonne said...

Good Luck to you & your sister in law, just keep on going, we are very proud of you.
Let us know how you get on tomorrow
Yvonne & Kevin

Bridget said...

Goodluck for tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing how you do.