Sunday, 27 July 2008

Butterfly Garden - Block One

Yeah ... have finished block one tonight - fingers are a little sore from the needle - I just can't get the knack of using a thimble - it feels all cumbersome to me - I've tried metal and silicon thimbles, and the good old masking tape - though I can't find anything that doesn't feel alien and awkward - do any bloggers out there have any suggestions - or is it plain perserverance that I need??

My applique is starting to look a little neater - the daisy is my last one to applique and is definitely the best on this block... it's all a learning curve and am enjoying the challenge...

I also pieced together a variety of fabric's that I won't be using on any future projects and 5" squares to make the backing for the "Swirling Leaves" quilt top - ran out of puff to tape the backing down and pin the batting and top together - that can be another nights project LOL :)

Back to work tomorrow... the weekends go much too quickly, I just feel I'm starting to get back into the groove of relaxing by Sunday afternoon, and then its almost time to wind back to full speed to get ready for the week ahead... tomorrow is a day of interviewing prospective candidates for an admin role we have vacant in our Wellington city office.

Have a happy week.


Guute said...

Hi Julz, I love, I love it! Is this from Leanne Beasley? Can't wait to see your next block. Today we have such a good weather: almost abnormal for Belgium. And in five days we have our holiday.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your block looks lovely.

Janet said...

Hi Julz: I have been stitching for about 65 years and for the life of me have never gotten used to using a thimble! Different strokes for different folks I guess!!
I am enjoying your blog and your banner is lovely.

Linda said...

Hi Julz, just happened upon your blog. Your applique is terrific, as for the thimble it's really up to you whether you want to persisit with it or not, they do take some getting used to. Being a Kiwi from way back, thanks for the smile and the reminder about fish pie on your daughters birthday post.

Ali Honey said...

You are not alone. I too find thimbles very cumbersome and only resort to one if my finger is already almost raw, then I have a leather one with a metal inset that gets taken on and off but it certainly doesn't enhance the pleasue of using a needle.

Your butterfly block is looking lovely. The mint colours are quite yummy. What does the french writing say on that fabric, I copuld only make out odd words?

Rachael Rabbit said...

Butterfly garden is really lovely - the colors are just perfect and I love the way the applique and stiches bounce of the center of each block - such a wonderful design idea

The Quilt Buddy said...

Oh my!...The teal and chocolate colors make a great combination! I think that your hand-work is really good! Better than mine!

As for me, I gave up on the thimble..too much work for me because I could never get the hang of using it!

I'll put you on my sidebar so that I can check up on your Butterfly Garden progress! You have to keep me on track!

Mary said...

Your block is beautiful! I hate using a thimble too -- so I don't and it shows. Sadly I've had to give up my dream of being a hand model ;O)

Ravenhill said...

Oh, my! Your butterfly garden quilt is so pretty! I just love what you are doing!

T said...

I'm not sure if this is too late, but first off, the block is beautiful - so much going on and it still ends up being kinda restful.

Two things about wearing thimbles: First off, you might be trying to wear it on the wrong finger. I found that a thimble works best for me on my middle finger, but that was after quite awhile fussing with it on my index finger! At first, whatever finger it was on I'd try to use the other finger to stitch with!

Secondly, just stick your thimble on your finger and wear it. Read a book, surf the web, give your hair 100 strokes.. wear it for HOURS (without trying to stitch). It really does help. Once your finger (or your brain) isn't fighting that foreign object, then you can get down to some serious usage!

(PS - I use those cheap plastic orangey-flesh colored thimbles that have an opening for a fingernail. Tried all the other kinds, but that one fits me best. For once, I can go cheap!)