Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Delayed...though Jnr Witch still visiting!

AARGH, got the phone call this morning that everyone who's on a public health waiting list dreads "I'm sorry Julie, though we have to postpone your operation until the 23rd October"... "but...but... my sister is flying up to help me..." "the surgeon has double booked her time and she is meant to be overseas at a meeting" ..."What!" .... I must say I got off the phone call grumpy and thinking 'oh man - all my planning has gone kaput!

Well the brightside of the rainbow is that Junior Witch is still coming to visit - though she's had to unpack her pink rubber gloves and dust-cloths LOL... the bummer is that I won't be able to take any leave from work as need it for the operation - blah!! Couldn't convice sis to change flight dates as its school holiday's and her boy is back from his Dad on the 20th October so she needs to be back home for his return and getting him back into school... a plan B has been created to cover the new operation date.

Another bright side is that I can still go to my previously planned retreat with the Kwilting Katz (my Thursday stitching group) at CherryPie in Levin the weekend of 16-18 October - so I can keep working on the Stitchers Angel Swap and the ChookyBlue Xmas Swap...

Yeah tomorrow it's Thursday, one of our Kwilting Katz is turning 5-0, we are meeting at her house tomorrow night and will be handing over the quilt the rest of the group has made for her birthday - sorry can't post any pic's yet - will do so on Friday...

(Photo c/- stuff)

Oh and a wee brag... Quote from "Wellington finally lived up to their billing to end 26 years of Ranfurly Shield torture as they ripped the Log o Wood from Auckland with embarrassing ease to complete what always loomed as an inevitable win at Eden Park on Saturday night"
AND the Log o Wood is visiting my work (we are one of the Lion's sponsors) on Friday, 26th Sept from 9.00am-9.45am - so if you just happen to be in Upper Hutt - come to Gillies Group offices, Gibbons Street - to meet one or two of the players and get to touch the 'shield'

Hope your week has been going well.

Big Hugs

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Deb said...

Yah Wellington, anyone who beats Auckland has to be okay!!