Saturday, 27 September 2008

Some creative bits this time...

Hi dear friends - I've recently had a visit from a blogger in Christchurch, NZ - Deb has a lovely blog, do pop over for a visit The Angel and the Pukeko.

While reading Deb's blog I came across a link for a free online craft magazine which you can download each month - I've placed the link on the left hand side of my blog - though the picture is a little small so you may miss it LOL - here is the link Inspire Online Magazine. Thanks Deb for the link!

We gave Kerry her special birthday quilt on Thursday night - we had such a lovely evening - lots of laughter, and fun. Here are a couple of pic's of her beautiful quilt - I wonder if you can guess which block I made??? I also did the label for her quilt...

Jazz checking I spelt the names correctly !

Did you guess the butterfly block would have been mine LOL

Oh and remember how I said the Ranfurly Shield was coming to visit my work - well here is my daughter Kaitlyn (with the blue jersey) & Morgan hugging Tamati Ellison (poor man had been up all night as his partner gave birth to their first baby)...

and here is Kaitlyn and Morgan holding the shield !! My DH was very jealous about this ...

And what better way to end the school term with a disco on Thursday night - here's Bexx (black singlet) and her friend Tessa just about ready to leave... very hard to get a nice photo of them both as the seem to be at the age for making gooney faces :)

Well had been get a wriggle on, have Quilt club day today and need to run a few errands before I head outfor the afternoon.

Have a super day.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your friends birthday quilt turned out beautifully - I suspected your was the butterfly block!!! Enjoy the start to the school holidays - ours started yesterday as well!

The Quilt Buddy said...

I love the yellow and blue quilt! Most of my house is yellow and blue so your birthday quilt would go nicely at my house!

Good luck on your surgery! Hopefully I won't have to go down that road, but sometimes I just can't stand the pain!

Keep me posted!