Saturday, 20 September 2008

Forgot to show you earlier...

It's been a little while I know... I have a really good excuse which I'll explain later, however I've been meaning to show you a lovely treat my wonderful mum-in-law gave me the other week. A beautfiul card, some gorgeous DMC cotton # 4050, and a scrummy fat 1/4 of Laurel Burch 'bountiful blessings' - absolutely delish.

Last weekend we had a two year old birthday party to go to - it was lovely nostilga seeing littlies with food all over the faces, runny noses and lots of loud noise of excitment... and there was even a 7 week old baby for me to get a baby-cuddle fix :)
Will post more later. Hugs

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Ali Honey said...

I love that fabric - it is one I got on Thursday in a 5" wide jelly roll, all Laurel Burch. Each design is in several different colours.