Sunday, 3 May 2009

And just because...

... you know how it is, a quilter never has enough projects on the go !! Well this is my next one (after completely Tatty Teddy, Autumn Leaves and continuing on with the Butterfly Garden blocks)...

Dear Jane... I brought the software a few weeks ago, and have been rummaging through my stash to work out which fabrics I will use (I'm using the DJ project as a way of using some of the stash, though you know how it is I've just had to make the odd new purchase of a few fat quarters to build up the project box, and then today went and saw Yvonne at Sawmillers Quiltery and we worked out the background fabric choice that I will be using and the meterage - phew its alot !! Thank you Yvonne for arranging the order of the fabric for me.

I will post photo's of fabric and perhaps even a completed block or two in future posts. But first I've got to finish Tatty Teddy before I can even contemplate starting on this project - this is going to be my heirloom quilt - though the problem is I've got two daughters and how do you decide which daughter to pass it on to - oh my goodness - does this mean I should really be making TWO Dear Jane quilts??.... now that truly is a mind-blogging thought :)


Julz xox

Just in case you had been wondering if I've kept up the biking since I completed the REAL Womens duathlon on 5th April - well - yes I am... last weekend clocked up 102km over two days and this weekend have biked 83kms over the two days :) Is almost impossible to go for a bike after work now as its dark when I get home off the train, (even though I've got the fluro gear and lights its just too risky to bike at night) so have been sitting on the indoor trainer a couple of nights a week to keep the backside in condition LOL.

Next event is Rangitikei Active duathlon on Mothers Day (next Sunday) in Marton. It is a 3km run/walk; 20km bike and 3km run/walk. My training partner and motivator sis-in-law Leigh is right beside me all the way - yeah! Rangitikei Active are running a duathlon series from May to August so we have an event a month - and I then found an event for September and October - which will lead us nicely to the Martinborough 48km ride in November. Definitely great for the motivation if you have an event to go to each month.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I am tempted with the Dear Jane myself!! Can't wait to see your progress.

Susan said...

Good luck in your Dear Jane journey! I've been slowly working at my DJ blocks...key word being "slowly"! I am enjoying the process, but I think it would go faster if I wasn't so easily distracted by other projects!

Yvonne said...

I am going to really enjoy the journey you make with Dear Jane, Well Done

Shiree said...

good luck with your Mother's Day duathalon, you are a beggar for punishment, but it will all be keeping you fit and healthy - go for it girl!
hmmmmm - Dear Jane huh... I hear this is the new buzz, lots of fun, and lots of hard work too!
Have fun, Shiree

Heart Felt said...

Dear Jane....good luck and good on you. xx

Deb said...

Julz, make it 3 and you can make mine also. Good on you for keeping up the biking. Not long till July now!!!