Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lovely suprise...

Tonight I had a lovely evening at Sawmillers for a pre-outdoor festival meeting (remember the 2nd Annual Outdoor Festival is 7th February 2010), then a catchup and bite to eat with the lovely ladies who have attended classes with Yvonne and her tutors (Diane and Ady).

Ady who was at CherryPie with me the other weekend, was making one of these gorgeous butterfly bags, and bless her - she totally surprised me with an early Xmas present this evening. When I ripped off the paper - look what was inside waiting especially for me :) my own butterfly bag.... I was so happy and was so chuffed with Ady's kindness in making one just for me. Me and Ady love butterfly fabric and we often have to stop for a moment and wipe our chins (well mainly me, especially when I'm admiring [read envying] her wonderful stash of fabrics)... I'm going to show off my bag tomorrow on the train and at work :)



(close up of the gorgeous butterfly appliqued on the back of bag - and there is another one on the front !)

My secret santa fat quarter swap revealed a beautiful soft pink fabric with luminous dragonflies (with sparkly wings) - and silly me forgot to take a photo before I took the card out of camera to download the photos... trust me - the fabric is so, so cute.

Pre-Christmas Hugs

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By Hoki Quilts said...

What a lovely bag, isn't it great what all our crafting friends make for us, so much better than mass produced things. Have a lovely Christmas Julz