Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Eve and the start to 2010...

Today is a day for reflection... when asked by anyone "hey what have you been up to?" we tend to automatically say "oh not much" - however when you sit back and ponder awhile you realise - Hey I've actually achieved a damn lot this year...

For me, my biggest personal achievements would be competing in the duathlons - from starting 2009 as very unfit and then entering the Real Women duathlon in Wellington in the April was a turning point. I can honestly say I still 'hate' running and will never be a runner, however my walking has got faster and to be honest for me its about completing the events. The biking however I really enjoy. Am still clocking up the km's on the bike and tend to take Diesel for very fast walks rather than going out for a dedicated 'run'. 2010 will see me entering the Real Women duathlon again in April (have already paid the entry fee) and from there will see where we take it... though I know in myself that the biking will stay.

Some other achievements have been coming through the sometimes difficult side of the girls strife and dramas that come with teenage life. They have both achieved great results at their schools. And DD2 begins 2010 as a Year 9 (third former), while DD1 will be Year 10 (NCEA 1). They are both very talented, smart, gorgeous girls and I am so damn proud of them. Love you both lots xx

Tomorrow is a double celebration, it is our 14th Wedding Anniversary and the day DH and I first started 'dating' 19 years ago :) Looking back you wonder where that time has gone, we've shared lots of memorable times, happy times and some incredibly difficult sad times. Hon, wishing us many more happy filled years (am done with the sad and the difficult). Love and kisses xx

With the start of the new year, I also start my new job - am looking forward to the challenges of learning a new work culture, sussing out the new boss and learning new tasks and responsibilities.

From the quilting front, am looking forward to completing more UFO's and projects in the planning, spending many happy hours stitching and gossiping with friends, helping out at Sawmillers and of course keeping in touch with you lovely blogging friends.

I wish you and your families a very happy new year, may it bring you good health, wealth, love and happiness.

Love and Hugs


Peg - Happy In Quilting said... that is one awesome year I take my hat off to you with your running and biking that is one amazing is always so nice to think, gee I can do go girl....Happy 2010.....Good luck with your new job and all your goals for next year...

Yvonne & Kevin said...

What can we say, you have done such an incredible job with the hassles you have had this year, but also helping Kevin & I at the Quilt Festival, Sale Day, & of course in Sawmillers whilst we were at Houston & not forgetting the short notice stints too.
Happy Anniversary to you & Chris & wishing you a great 2010 & looking forward to working with you on our projects too
Yvonne & Kevin

kiwicarole said...

Hope you have a fabulous 2010!!! hugz, Carole :)