Thursday, 24 December 2009

Twas the night before Christmas...

... and no one is meant to be stirring. However its 11pm and I've got two kids still roaming around the house, tv still blaring and me feeling very tired... gosh I wish they were still little and believed in Father Christmas and were in bed by 7pm :)

What a Christmas Eve - went with Chris this afternoon around to Red Rocks (out the back of Ohiro Bay) so he could do some diving for Paua and Crayfish (got the Paua no Crayfish - though he got a few crabs which are slightly sweeter in taste to Crayfish) we finally left there around 6.30pm to get caught up behind 3 other 4WD because the one in the front had slipped off the track and while we were waiting another 4 pulled up behind us. Now imagine this... I'd been sitting with Diesel waiting, taking photo's while Chris was diving, and now we are stuck behind these 4WD and by now I'm fit to burst to go to the bathroom - I'm such a city girl and sharing myself with nature is eew! and there were no trees or big rocks to duck behind... finally the 4WD that is stuck is pulled out (by now its 7.45pm) and we journey on out - get to the information centre that has toilets - and they're locked! So a fast drive into WLG City to find the nearest service station - ah the relief.

So my final word for today is to wish you all a wonderful safe and happy Christmas with your family and friends. I've totally enjoyed your company and comments over the past year, and so looking forward to keeping in touch. Happy Blogging and photo-snapping and will be back soon.


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By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh you poor wee thing, crossing ones legs just doesn't work does it? I'm with you,
'aint no mountain big enough, aint no bush wide enough to take me away from the loooooo' - I feel a song coming on, lol
meri kirimete